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687 HIGH ST THORNBURY, MELBOURNE | (03) 9480 5680



Mutual Muse is about sharing with your community; we’re inspired by the beautiful, diverse people we see every day.

By selling the second hand clothes you no longer love (you know the ones I’m talking about: never worn, don’t fit, not your style anymore), you give them extra life and add value for yourself and others where there previously was none. You may not love a piece anymore, but how rad will it be to see someone else rocking it? By reusing our clothes, we scale back our consumption, reduce our waste, and keep value in our communities. It’s a simple, guilt-free solution to your shopping addiction!

We believe in using personal style to play and express ourselves.  Our tastes can and should evolve and grow depending on where we are in life.  Maybe you switched jobs, your size changed, or you’ve gone off a particular look.  Buying second hand is the perfect way to explore new styles without the hefty price tag of buying brand new OR the social cost of purchasing clothes with dubious ethical origins.

Mutual Muse: second hand clothes in Thornbury, Melbourne

We value personal style over trends.

Kirsta Hawkins, the visionary behind Mutual Muse, and her partner Alec.

Mutual Muse was founded in 2014 by Kirsta Hawkins, an American who’s traveled the world and settled in Melbourne.

She grew up hiding in the racks of second-hand shops while her Mom hunted for a deal, so her love of treasure hunting runs deep.

Kirsta loves Australian fashion and is proud to be part of our wonderfully artistic and expressive community of clothing enthusiasts.

We are proudly family owned and operated with regular appearances from Alec, Clementine, and the rest of the family.

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